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Screen size ?

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Screen size ?

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Screen size ? Empty Screen size ?

Post  Orteil Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:58 am

Hey. Poll time.

The current version (0.0052) has the same screen size as the Nintendo DS (256 x 192 px). However, I'm not sure if this is ever going to be ported - and anyway, the game doesn't even try to emulate the two screens so far.
Also, I find it rather uncomfortable to have to scroll back everytime I get a lengthy wall of text (I try to reduce those walls of text as much as I can, but some of them have important information that I can't remove or put somewhere else). Implementing those [Press any key] events is also tricky, especially since they alter significantly the pace of the game.

So I ask you this : should I fit the screen size into a more comfortable one (say, 480 x 360 px) or leave it that way ?

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Screen size ? Empty Re: Screen size ?

Post  God Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:30 am

Increase screen size.
WHEN it gets ported to DS, we can always put it back to size, with scrolling controlled by dragging the stylus, and predictive text to quicken up stylus-typing.
Consider DS-ifying it a separate project, with the PC version's perfection the main goal we're on right now.

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