Crab Nicholson under new management!

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Crab Nicholson under new management!

Post  G on Tue May 10, 2011 9:33 pm

Seeing as Orteil has for the most part withdrawn from the development of CN, I will be taking over as the main writer. And this time, I've got some serious plans for CN!

A few of the things I plan to implement:

Expansion of the Game Boy item to have more functions.
Multiple collectible Game Boy games and accessories, some of which are text-adventure adaptations of shitty RPG Maker games me and my friends have made!
Oscar Wilde being reanimated from carbonite.
A story involving getting Cthulhu to party hard enough to pass out!
Saving and loading. Why haven't we done this yet?
Death making you actually die.
Removal of the "ask" command, in favor of dialogue choices.
An attempt to make the original ass-backwards knob puzzle work! Somewhat!
Some form of combat system. Think Radical Dreamers.
More music. I've gotten into contact with Renard, the composer of the original theme. He's given us permission to use absolutely any chiptune he's composed. BRACE FOR SOUNDTRACK!
Childhood nostalgia FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

As always, this is a community project, everything is encouraged! If you have a good idea or content you'd like to contribute, post that shit!

But most of all...

nevar forget

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Re: Crab Nicholson under new management!

Post  jezs on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:19 am

I'm interested in this project. Do you guys have any SVN set up or anything?

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